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Birding Central Peru

The Ultimate Peruvian Endemics Tour Amazon Birding Central Peru birding tour is one of a series of Peru birdwatching trips we offer. This exciting tour focuses on the many species found in the central part of Peru, home to numerous specialities, ranging from Junin Grebe and Diademed Sandpiper-Plover to Bay-vented Cotinga and Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager. Forming a huge block of land on the western side of South America, Peru is one of the continent´s most mountainous countries, where isolated valleys and cordilleras have seen avian evolution in full swing. Not only boasting an amazing avifauna of about 1817 species, it also holds a considerable number of little-known and highly localized endemics, several dozens of which have only been discovered in the last few decades. Designed as the ultimate itinerary for Peruvian endemics, this fabulous journey takes us through a wide range of habitats across the topographically complex Peruvian Andes. Next we will visit the high Andean bogs of Ticlio, the haunt of the legendary Diademed Sandpiper-Plover and a handful of exciting endemics including White-bellied Cinclodes. In farther inland lies Lago Junin, the second largest lake in the country and home to the endangered Junin Grebe. Next we shall descend to Huanuco, our base for exploring the rich and bromeliad-laden cloudforests of the Carpish Mountains and the Paty Trail. An exciting set of tanagers and hummingbirds will await us here, as well as such secretive forest-floor endemics as Bay and Chestnut Antpittas, and a superb supporting cast of other cloudforest birds.

One of the highlights of the tour will undoubtedly be our trek up to the remote Bosque Unchog, where we will camp for three nights. Only first visited by ornithologists in the 1970s, this land of misty paramos and contorted elfin forests is where we shall seek out some of Peru´s most wanted endemics, including the enormous Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager, the smart Bay-vented Cotinga, the awkward Pardusco and the elusive Rufous-browed Hemispingus.

Accommodation & Road Transport: The hotels/lodges are of normal Amazon Birding standard. At Bosque Unchog we will stay for a total of three nights in a simple but comfortable tented camp (with twin or single occupancy available) Road transport is by coach and roads are decidedly variable in quality (rough in some areas).

Walking: The walking effort is mostly easy or moderate, but there are two or three more strenuous hikes.

Climate: Rather variable. At low and middle elevations many days are warm or hot, dry and sunny, though on other days it can be cool and overcast. A large part of our time will be spent at high altitudes, where conditions range from warm or cool to decidedly cold. It may well rain at times and it will be rather humid in the

Carpish Mountains and at Bosque Unchog.

Bird Photography: Opportunities are quite good.

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